Modern Front Doors

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Modern Front Doors

A modern front door is a style that is gaining popularity in home design today. This style features  a flat modern metal front door panel design that is made from smooth wood. It is also often made from stainless steel and includes a thin panel in the center. The door is also often made with matching wood pole style handles. Many modern front doors are also characterized by a taupe brown color. They are typically paired with warm wood Ipe siding and wooden accents.

A modern front door can be made with black frame and glass panels. The door can be a part of an all-glass wall, or it can be a separate piece with a glass transom above it. There are also full and half-lite styles of modern front doors. They are available in a variety of colors and can add curb appeal to the front of the home.

Another modern front door style is the flat smooth panel pivot style. The panel is smooth with a long pole handle. The panel features glass sidelights and a square dead bolt lock. This door is a contemporary design that looks great when paired with a red brick siding. It can also come with an oversized real hard wood pivot door that has glass side lights.

A modern front door should have clean lines and minimal elements. Some doors may have no visual hinges at all, which makes them ideal for minimalist homes. Others, such as the Ring front door by Karim Rashid, use a pivoting outer frame to reveal a smaller door on the inside. This makes it difficult to distinguish between inside and out.

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